International Croissant Day 2022: Warning don’t read this while you’re hungry!

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It’s International Croissant Day 2022 and to celebrate we’re sharing with you some of the special croissants you can find around Australia. Instead of the standard butter or almond croissants, which are also very delicious when done right, we’ve compiled some of the more original croissants you can find.


If we’ve missed your favourite place, let us know the croissant creation and the place!


You may also like to read our article about a history of the croissant and some croissant facts.



The Sugar Man – read our interview with The Sugar Man here


Adelaide’s The Sugar Man is opening his own store on Hutt Street at the end of next month so we can experience his creations all year round.

His favourite croissant is the Self Saucing Chocolate Pudding croissant. Delicious twice baked pain au chocolat filled with chocolate pudding, topped with dark chocolate ganache and shards of 64% dark chocolate. YUM!

His croissant flavours are inspired by childhood nostalgia, seasonal produce or even seasonal desserts. As long as it’s delicious.



Read on to find out about bakeries creating special croissants in Brisbane

Brisbane Croissant International Croissant Day 2022


Christian Jacques Pastries


A nutella filled croissant is just one of the special croissants you’ll find here.



Croissants in Brisbane


Flour and Chocolate Northgate


An example of one of their special creations is this two-toned raspberry mint sweet croissant they did for Christmas.



Lune Croissanterie

Originating in Melbourne but now also in Brisbane, Lune Croissanterie is known for its special croissant creations.

January’s special creations available all month long, including today, Croissant Day 2022, include:

Lune Coffee Hazelnut twice baked

“⁠From the molecules of a traditional croissant, some hazelnut frangipane, a cosmic squiggle of espresso caramel, and a final star dusting of coffee glaze; it’s one deliciously galactic mouthful.⁠

Lune Cherry Ripe - Croissants in Brisbane Ineternational Croissant Day 2022/ journée mondiale du croissant 2022



Lune Cherry Ripe

A twice baked pain au choc, filled with cherry coconut frangipane, dark chocolate ganache and maraschino cherries, topped with coconut flakes and finished with a blanket of Mork chocolate powder and freeze dried cherry dust.



Mica Brisbane


Another French-Australian combo is the Lamington Croissant.

A croissant filled with jam and vanilla buttercream, dipped in chocolate and coconut. Topped with vanilla buttercream and fresh strawberries


Journee mondiale du croissant 2022Reno Fine Patisserie


One of their popular pastries is their hazelnut croissant!

It’s filled with Gianduja, a chocolate paste mixed with hazelnuts, and then coated in Valhrona dark and milk chocolate


journée mondiale du croissant 2022Superthing Bakery


A strawberries and cream filled and topped croissant is just one of their croissant offerings


Gold Coast croissantsGOLD COAST CROISSANTS 

BamBam Bakehouse


The iconic Almond Croissant was reimagined as a delicious choux bomb last October




Find out where to buy special croissants in Melbourne.

Croissant Day 2022Lune Croissanterie


We’ve already mentioned their January specials in their entry under Brisbane above.

This is their take on the iconic ham and cheese croissant.

They say what makes is so special is

“careful selection of ingredients; @hagensorganics ham in Melbourne and @gillys_smallgoods in Brisbane, Swiss Gruyère and a cheeky little hint of seeded mustard, it’s the RATIO of these ingredients to pastry.”


Croissants in MelbourneReverie Café


Their international croissant day special is a chocolate praline hazelnut croissant

Croissant with a chocolate praline ganache, roasted caramelised hazelnuts




There are several places to enjoy special croissants in Perth.


Croff Bakehouse


One of Croff Bakehouse’s best-sellers is the Salted Lava Egg croissant. A flaky two-toned croissant filled with dim-sum style gooey custard.



View this post on Instagram


A post shared by @croffbakehouse

La journée mondiale du croissant 2022La Belle Patisserie


The current special is in celebration of the Lunar New Year and the Year of the Tiger. Their take on a Hong Kong staple known as Polo bun or Pineapple Bun.

It’s a buttery, flaky croissant topped with a golden crunchy crust and filled with pineapple cream.


Croissants in Perth


La Petite Floreat


Their Lemon Meringue croissant is just one of their special creations.



International Croissant Day 2022Zonts Bakehouse


OFFER: 20% off all croissants today for International Croissant Day 2022.

Also in honour of the Lunar New Year, Zonts Bakehouse have created a Bakkwa Zont 肉干牛角包

It was inspired by Bakkwa, a Chinese pork jelly, enjoyed in Malaysia during Lunar New Year as well as Acar (pickled vegetables) which is enjoyed in the state of Sarawak during this festive period.



There are plenty of places creating special croissants in Sydney.


Croissants in Sydney International Croissant Day 2022 Journee mondiale du croissant 2022Buttercrumbs Croissant, Five Dock


From time to time Buttercrumbs creates new croissant flavours. For example, last September they did a KitKat croissant.




Madame and Yves Sydney croissantsMadame and Yves, Clovelly Read our interview with Yves here


Some of the croissant creations you’ll find on the menu are:

  • Ferrero
    Filled with chocolate and hazelnut deliciousness and dipped in a milk chocolate and almond ganache.
  • Luxe Croissant
    Truffle d’Affinois and béchamel stuffed within their classic croissant, plus grilled emmental shavings on top and finished with prosciutto.
  • Almond Raspberry Croissant
    An almond croissant with the addition of homemade raspberry marmalade adds a lovely, fresh tartness.



Melia Bakery, Balmain


Their special croissant for this weekend is their raspberry-pistachio croissant.



Moulin Café, Lewisham


For International Croissant Day 2022, try their pistachio croissant which is their most popular.

They also do limited time special croissants from time to time. For example, in October they made a Ferrero Rocher Croissant.




Penny Fours, Leichardt


Cherry Ripe croissant

Luscious Coconut Cream, Cherries and a Chocolate Truffle smack bang in the centre!



Rollers Bakehouse


Their French Aussie creation is a Vegemite n Cheese croissant.

Their specialty house-made Vegemite butter is laminated into our Rollers croissant dough. This process of laminating the Vegemite through the layers adds an extra depth of umami. Add a further schmear of vegemite, a layer of gruyere and cheddar and a little heat. 


Stix Marrickville


Just one of their recent croissant creations include the white miso caramel glazed apple crumble croissant.



Tuga Bakery


It’s difficult to imagine a more French-Australian collaboration than a Tim Tam donut which is the latest creation from Tuga Bakery



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A post shared by Tuga Pastries (@tuga.pastries)



Happy International Croissant Day 2022! What’s your favourite croissant flavour combination? Where do you go for your special croissants?


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