It’s Galette des Rois 2021 time! Where to find it in Australia in 2021

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We’ve rung in the New Year, now it’s time for the Galette des Rois 2021! As always, we let you know where you can find it in the major cities of Australia. So read on to find out where to get the Galette des Rois in Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth, Sunshine Coast, and Sydney.



6 January is the date of the Epiphany, also the 12th day of Christmas when the three Kings are said to have brought gifts for Baby Jesus. While no longer a particularly religious holiday in France, the occasion is still celebrated with the galette des rois, a cake which can only be found during the month of January.


The cake itself is filled with frangipane, an almond paste like mixture. It has also traditionally contained a “fève”, which is a porcelain charm hidden inside the cake.


There is a tradition to the cake, whereby the youngest person hides under the table and tells whoever is cutting the cake who should get which piece. The person who receives the fève in their slice then gets to wear the crown and is King or Queen and names their partner for the day.


The tradition of the galette des rois dates back to the 14th Century!




Les Deux Coqs

Les Deux Coqs at the Adelaide Central Markets (and some weekend markets in the suburbs and on the coast) is making the galette des rois in 3 flavours:

  • traditional,
  • raspberry,
  • nutella

Individual sized galettes are available daily at their stall at the Adelaide Central Market.

The large galettes (6/8 people) are only available via their website. Only the large galettes will come with a fève (charm) and a crown.

Fèves from France used by Les Deux Coqs in their large galette des rois.

Les Deux Coqs’ galettes will be available throughout January.



Mulot’s makes the Galette des Rois to order all year round!

It is in the traditional frangipane and contains a fève and is available in a variety of sizes ranging from 6 inch for $21 to 11 inch for $52.


Orders can be made with 48 hours notice by telephone on (08) 8272 6499 or in store.


Le Paris Plage, Broadway, Glenelg

Le Paris Plage is also making galettes des rois throughout January.

These are available in traditional or in a lemon flavour and in individual size or in a large format:

1-2 people – $7.90
6-8 people – $30

Le Paris Plage’s galettes des rois contain the traditional fève and are topped with crowns.





Chouquette’s galettes des rois are filled with beautiful fèves imported from France and topped with wonderful crowns. They are available in two sizes:

  • 18cm (4 – 6 people) $37;
  • 24cm (6 – 8 people) $47


The galettes des rois will be available until the end of January. While they will have auront des galettes des rois en magasin c’est mieux de commander de ne pas les rater.


Le Caprice Patisserie 

The Galette des Rois 2021 from Le Caprice Patisserie come in 3 sizes:

  • Individual (1pax)  $7
  • Medium (4pax)     $24
  • Large (6-8pax)      $32

It is available in 3 Flavours:

  1. Frangipane
  2. Frangipane & Raspberry
  3. Frangipane & Apple


All come with a fève.


You can make your orders by telephoning the shop on 07 3162 4246, at least the day before.




My French Pastries

My French Pastries is doing traditional galette frangipane in two sizes:

  • 4-6pp $32
  • 8-10pp $52

And also the galette frangipane/nutella

  • 4-6pp $35
  • 8-10pp $55


They are also doing the crown shaped brioche Galette with pearl sugar (Couronne brioche/sucre perle):

  • 4-6pp $32
  • 8-10pp $52


Available all of January on pre order. 2 days’ notice is preferable.

All the galettes des rois 2021 from My French Pastries come with the sachet, sujet and couronne




Jean-Pascal Pâtisserie

Jean-Pascal Patisserie is again making the Galette des Rois from January 6th 2021.

Galette des Rois 2021 - HOBART

They are available in 2 sizes:

  • 8p: $29.50
  • 10p: $36.50

And there will be a fève hidden for the King.



We’ve found 4 places in Melbourne for your Galette des Rois 2021.


Choukette Fine Pastries  

The Galette des Rois 2021 from Choukette is available in 3 sizes:

  • 4 People ($24)
  • 6 people ($30)
  • 8 people ($34)

A traditional fève (charm) make of porcelain (ceramic) is inside


Orders can be made by phone on 0393808680 or at the shop.


Frenchilicious Kitchen

A buttery, flaky and crispy house made pastry filled with your choice of:

  • Traditional almond Frangipane
  • Strawberry
  • Pear and chocolate

Two sizes:

  • 4-6 serves $35
  • 8-10 serves $45 or $48 for pear and chocolate


No minimum order applies for galette. Pick up only. Only available from 6-31 January.



Noisette’s Galettes des Rois 2021 are already available in the traditional frangipane almond cream.

They are available for pre order by calling you local store Port Melbourne 9646 9555 or Bentleigh 9557 7110.


Reverie Café 

Reverie Café’s traditional French Galette Des Rois is filled with fresh apple compote & almond cream.

It serves 6-8 people and costs $34.00

The fève is an almond and a crown is not provided.


Only available from the 6th – 24th January 2021. Pre-orders are recommended and can be made via the website – look under Summer Cakes Edition.



Whisking French Delices

Whisking French Délices in Yarraville is making galettes des rois in 2 flavours:

  • frangipane $35
  • pistachio-raspberry $40

They are 22cm and serve 6-8 people. Fèves and crowns included!

The Whisking French Délices galettes des rois will be available from 6 to 31 January for pickup from Yarraville but delivery is also possible under conditions.

Order your galettes des rois via Instagram or Facebook





Fantaizicake in Stirling, Perth makes its Galette des Rois in 2 different sizes:

  • 20cm diameter, 6 to 8 serves using French puff pastry $35
  • 30cm diameter, 10 to 12 serves using French puff pastry $48

Each Galette comes with a ‘fève’ (charm) and a crown

Reservations already being taken for orders available to collect from midday on 6th January and for the whole of January. Orders via message on facebook or instagram.

On the 6th you may request delivery for an extra $10 if you are NOR (3 to 6pm). Same on the 9th and 10th (all day).

Get in quickly as the next Galettes ordered from Fantaizicake will have a crystal as ‘fève’/charm.


French Sweet

French Sweet’s Galette des Rois 2021 comes in 2 different flavours: 

  • Traditional almond
  • Almond raspberry coconut.

It measures 20cm in diameter, serves 8-10 people and costs $38.

You can pre-order via the website at 


Layers Bakery

Layers Bakery offer the galette des rois in a few different flavours:

  • Almond
  • Coconut (nuts free)
  • Almond & Chocolate

It comes in one size: 20cm for $35. It’s available for the whole of January.

Orders can be made with at least 2-3 days notice in the shop or via Facebook, Instagram or email to [email protected]




La Maison du Pâtissier

Their galette des rois 2021 is the classic galette, traditionally made of puff pastry with frangipane (almond cream and custard).

It comes with a fève. Pre-order your galette des rois either for Friday 8th or Saturday 9th or Sunday 10th.



We’ve found an impressive 11 places to order your galettes des rois from in Sydney!


Flo VIennoisserie

Flo Viennoiserie’s galette des rois 2021 is available in one size which serves 6-8people and comes in 3 different flavours:

  1. $35 the classic frangipane
  2. $35 the chocolate frangipane
  3. $40 the special of the year, fresh raspberries with pistachio frangipane.


All galettes come with a fève (some with Australian collector ones) and a crown. 


Orders to be made on It is available for the whole month. Also, free delivery around Rosebery and small charge further (max 10km around).


Galettes by Lorraine – Galettes faites maison

Messenger: Aurore Lorraine Nicolas

Phone: 0497 076 581

Instagram, or Facebook 

These home-made galettes are available in one size, catering for 8 (or 4 if you love it very much…) for $35 for the traditional version but other types are available (chocolate, fruits, etc.)


Yes, la fève – you can even choose your figurine if you want


You can put your order a day prior, more notice is better, but you can message me and we can sort it out too 😉


La petite école 

La Petite école is offering their galettes des rois 2021 for the whole month:

  • small for 1-2 persons : $8, 2 for $15
  • medium for 4-6 persons: $25, 2 for $40
  • large for 8-10 persons: $35, 2 for 60

You can choose the type of flour (white, wholemeal, gluten free), the size, and the flavour (vanilla, orange blossom water and rhum, frangipane, chocolate frangipane). We’re also working on a recipe with no egg and/or dairy 😅

Please contact via private message. 

Cash and contactless pick up in Collaroy with free delivery within 5kms.


La Renaissance

The La Renaissance Galettes des Rois 2021 come in two sizes:

  • Small (serves 4-6) $36
  • Medium (serves 6-8) $46

There is a fève inside and La Renaissance’s fèves are imported from France; the Galettes come with a golden couronne as well.


While Galettes will be sold in-store for Epiphany on 6th, it is recommended that you pre-order. Pre-orders can be done online 48hrs in advance or placed by phone;


Le Breton 

Le Breton’s 2021 galettes des rois are already available.

They are made 100% Butter, pate feuilletée,  frangipane almond cream 

Le Breton’s galettes des rois 2021 come in two sizes:

  • Medium 6 people $38.00; and
  • Large 8-10 people $48.00.


The fève & crown are included in prices.


Lucille French Kitchen – Galettes faites maison

Facebook or Instagram

Telephone: 04298 80803

Catering to the Upper North Shore, Northern Beaches and the CBD, Lucille French Kitchen is home-making galettes des rois.


These home-made galettes are available in one size, catering for 8 (or 4 if you love it very much…) for $30 for the traditional version but other types are available (chocolate, fruits, etc.)

And yes, they come with the fève – you can even choose your figurine if you want


You can put your order in a day prior, more notice is better.


Madame et Yves, Clovelly 

Madame and Yves’ galette des rois come in two flavours: classic or raspberry.

It comes in 3 sizes:

  • 6 $36
  • 8 $46
  • 10 $56


Every galette comes with a golden paper crown and porcelain trinket (fève) baked within the cake.

NOTE: please take care when eating the galette. The fève is NOT edible: it’s proper tooth-chipping porcelain as tradition dictates! 


24 hours minimum requested for pre-orders. The Galette des Rois will be available until 31 January.


Mimi’s Pastry 

Mimi’s Pastry makes the galette des rois in the traditional almond frangipane in one size, 24cm 8 serves for $45. It comes with the traditional fève.  

Orders can be made via the website with 3 days’ notice preferable. 

It is available from 6th Jan for the whole of January on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays. Pick up from various locations.  Note: it is limited number that we can make so it may sold out before the end of January. 


Patisserie le Marais

Le Marais in Maroubra will have galettes des rois available for the whole of January.

Their galettes serve 6-8 people and cost $45. They come with a fève.


They request that you give 2 days notice and note that they are closed Saturdays. Orders can be made via phone to 0406027194


Tonton Bread 

Tonton Bread has two different offers for the Galette des Rois 2021:

  • Frangipane traditionnelle 35$
  • Praliné à l’ancienne Chocolat 40$

Everything is made in-house including the puff pastry. Their Galettes come with a fève and a crown.

Only available for order via the website Delivery is possible if you’re not too far from Marrickville.


Victoire Boulangerie

Victoire Boulangerie makes the traditional frangipane galette for Galette des Rois 2021. Each galette comes with the traditional porcelain fève and a cardboard crown.

It’s available in 3 sizes:

  • Small 2-4 people $15
  • Medium 4-6 people $30
  • Large 6-10 people $50


Victoire Boulangerie makes 2 large, 6 medium and 4 small galettes des rois every day that they are open (closed Mondays) through all of January (none in February or only orders).

2 days’ notice is needed for orders. Orders taken on 9818 5529 in the morning 7-1pm or via Facebook message with return phone number so they can contact you during the above hours.

What flavour will you choose for the galette des rois 2021?



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