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After many months of work behind the scenes, the Embassy of France in Australia has just launched its new platform Sacreblue! And guess who is one of the contributors they invited to write articles for them? That’s right Matilda Marseillaise!


What is Sacreblue!?

A new take on the old-fashioned French-expression sacré blue which literally means Holy Blue, but would better translate to “My Goodness” said to avoid blasphemy saying “My God” or in French “Sacré Dieu”.


The platform is designed with the intention of bringing together institutions, organisations and individuals who create cultural and intellectual bridges between France and Australia.


The content on the SacreBlue! platform comes in a variety of forms from news, in-depth articles, and podcasts and covers a variety of areas and interests. It is split into 5 categories:

  • Shape the FutureA disruptive and enlightening approach to history, sciences, innovation and technology, to foster French-Australian conversations in the Indo-Pacific region.
  • Arts & CultureA visual, auditive and cultural experience with the respected artists and rising stars, classical masterpieces and hidden chefs d’oeuvre – with a French flavour. Within the Art & Culture category there are the following sub-categories:
    • Film
    • Music
    • Art/Design
    • Performing Arts
  • Pardon My French! The French language has a unique appeal and it is actually much easier to learn than you would think – so no excuse, it’s time to start speaking French, now!
  • So Trendy Being French is a lifestyle, and here is the place to educate yourself about the art-de-vivre in the following sub-categories:
    • Tourism
    • Gastronomy
    • Sports
    • Fashion
    • Architecture
  • Rendez-Vous – this is where you’ll find the main French-Australian exhibitions and festivals such as the upcoming Matisse exhibition in Sydney and the Chanel manifesto exhibition opening in Melbourne in December. For a broader list of all events with French links in Australia and online, keep an eye on the Matilda Marseillaise website on the 1st of each month.


The website is proudly funded by the Embassy of France, but the initiative is supported by – and will feature – many contributors and partners, including Matilda Marseillaise.


So, Francophiles, if you’re looking for more content on French culture in Australia, check out Sacreblue!


You can view the Sacreblue! website at:



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