Where to get your croissants for Croissant Day 2021!

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Tomorrow, 30 January is Croissant Day 2021. Tomorrow we will tell you about the history of this humble but iconic French pastry but today it’s about where you can get your French croissant fix around Australia to celebrate the day.

Croissant Day 2021






By Blackbird


By Blackbird is planning to introduce two new croissants for Croissant Day 2021:

🥐Almond croissant with marzipan
🥐vegan Raspberry croissant

They source their croissants frozen from Bridor (made in France) and delivered via Eustralis. They are then baked in the morning at By Blackbird. The croissants from Bridor that they use have been stamped with AOP which means they only use real French butter in making them.

A special offer for Croissant Day 2021 will be 3 French croissants for $9 (each normally retails for $3.50).  




Adelaide French bakery institution Mulot’s isn’t doing anything special for Croissant Day. That said their delicious croissants are handmade fresh everyday with French butter.


The Old Croissant Factory


With a name like that you’re pretty sure you’re definitely going to find croissants! 


While not specific to Croissant Day 2021, The Old Croissant Factory does have a special for the weekend: Dirty Chocolate Croissants. These croissants are only available every Saturday and Sunday. 

In addition, they have some alternate croissants such as almond croissant, crumble croissants.






Flour and Chocolate, Morningside and Northgate


Flour and Chocolate will be doing special flavours this weekend. Their Northgate store will be doing a raspberry custard, and a pistachio custard. The Morningside store will have a triple chocolate and a rosemary and olive. 


Paddington Social


Paddington Social currently have a special Turkish delight croissant. It’s not specifically for Croissant Day but will be available on Saturday.




Manu Bakery


Manu Bakery is creating an XXL croissant which will only be available on Friday 29th and Saturday 30th 2021 to celebrate Croissant Day 2021. They will cost $6.50.

Manu Bakery’s croissants are always made with pure butter and a touch of sour starter in the dough, with a buttery goodness of a 50/50 ratio of butter to dough!

Their croissants are laminated to perfection, baked fresh every morning with love.




Choukette Fine Pastries, Brunswick


You can find 4 different croissants at Choukette Fine Pastries for Croissant Day 2021 (and every day):

🥐Chocololate Croissant

🥐Plain croissant

🥐Almond Croissant

🥐Raspberry croissant


Mosaic Patisserie


Mosaic Patisserie are offering 10% off on any online orders for plain croissants placed for this weekend through their website www.mosaicpatisserie.com.au 

Mosaic Patisserie’s croissants are made the old-school way by hand with French butter for extra flakiness. Guillaume, Mosaic’s French chef, has developed some special variations, such as the Pistachio & Raspberry croissant, the Red Raspberry croissant, the Chocolate Delice.


Reverie Café


Reverie Cafe will have some more croissants available than their usual selection, but they remind you that they are still at a great price everyday at $4

YES!!!! $4 in Prahran, Doncaster, Eastland & their soon to re open their CBD store at Ella.


Sucre du Jour, Camberwell


Sucre du Jour will have two croissant specials for International Croissant Day and they are very unique and flavours you definitely won’t find elsewhere:


🥐Candied Pork Jerky, Kewpie and Pork Floss Croissant

Candied Pork Jerky with Kewpie Mayonnaise and Melted Cheese Croissant garnished with Pork Floss

Price : $11 AUD

🥐 Chocolate and Vegemite Croissant

Classic French Croissant filled with Chocolate Pastry Cream topped off with Salted Vegemite Caramel and garnished with Crunchy Nut

Price : $8 AUD


Sucre du Jour say that their “croissants are the perfect epitome of Modern Australian Flavours which revisits the classics with a unique blend of flavours combining both the unusual and the downright weird.”




French Sweet


If you’re in Perth, you don’t even have to leave your house to get your croissants from French Sweet for Croissant Day 2021! They are offering a box of 8 croissants for $34 plus $7.99 for delivery (Order online today for next day delivery)




Le Breton Patisserie, Mosman


Le Breton Patisserie’s croissants and viennoiseries are 100% pure Butter and Hand Made from  premium ingredients.


Prices are as follows:

🥐Croissants $3.30

🥐Croissant aux amandes $4.50   

🥐Viennoiseries $4.00  


NB: Of course there are many more places than the ones featured in this article at which to purchase croissants. The businesses featured in this article are those who responded to our request for information.


There are ordinary croissants and there are extra special croissants that transport you to the boulangeries of France. Where do you like to buy your croissants from? Have you had any croissants in Australia that remind you of the ones in France?



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Croissant Day 2021

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