Cheese Lovers’ Day: cheese subscriptions

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Today is Cheese Lovers’ day. To celebrate, we’ve found a number of cheese subscriptions so you can get your cheese fix delivered to your door each month. You’ll find cheese subscriptions that are available nation-wide or to particular states or cities.


Cheese subscriptions


Cheese Therapy

Cheese Therapy offers cheese subscriptions Australia wide. 


They have two packs: the Therapy pack and Globetrotter pack.

Each pack contains:

  • 4 cheeses, including hard, soft, stinky (washed rind) and blue cheeses.
  • each cheese weighs approx. 150g-200g – although sometimes Cheese Therapy will find a brilliant or rare cheese that weighs less that they want to showcase to you.  
  • ability to opt out of any particular cheese, such as blue, and ask to replace with another if you’re really not into it.

cheese subscription - cheese lover's day

Therapy pack $80.00: Australian cheeses

Each pack includes four cheeses made by great Australian, artisan cheesemakers, plus accompanying tasting notes for wine and food pairings.


Globetrotter pack $88.90: World cheeses

Each pack includes four international cheeses, accompanying tasting notes and suggested wine and food pairings.


You can make a one-time purchase or subscribe for a minimum of 3 packs for a 5% discount. You can choose packs every month or between every 1-6 months.



The Mould Cheese collective subscription box is from the same people behind Mould festival. For $75/month, you will receive four unique, curated, artisan Australian cheeses delivered to your door every month. Whereas some subscription services are a surprise, Mould lets you know what’s in each box and you can opt-out, pause or cancel at any time.

Mould cheese

Each cheese will be between 150-200gm from some of the best cheese producers in the country. It will always feature a mix of styles, milks, and regions.


Le Fromage Yard 

Brisbane’s Le Fromage Yard, proposes a cheese club in which you receive three different cheeses weighing between 150g to 250g each delivered to your door. You may also find a little present in your box from time to time. 

cheese subscription Le Fromage Yard

Prices are:

  • $66 for 1 month plus delivery fee; 
  • $214.50 for 3 months (includes delivery fee), 
  • $429 for 6 months (includes delivery fee), or
  • $847 for 12 months (includes delivery fee).


Delivery appears to be available nation-wide.


Kris Lloyd Artisan cheeses 

Kris Lloyd’s Clever little cheese club gives you two options depending on how many cheese deliveries you’d like in a year.

Cheese subscription - Kris Lloyd Artisan

Season pass $80 per delivery (plus delivery fee)

  • 5-6 cheeses (each weighing approx 110-200g) and 1 packet of crackers.
  • Occasional swapping of a cheese for quality produce from other food and beverage producers that complements the cheeses
  • a minimum of 4 deliveries over 12 months. 
  • Receive your deliveries in June, September, December and March.


Cheese Tragic $75 per delivery (plus delivery fee)

  • 4 delicious handmade cheeses from the diverse range all made onsite at Woodside in the Adelaide Hills from locally sourced milk.
  • a minimum of three deliveries. 
  • Receive your deliveries every second month.


Milk the Cow

Milk the Cow offers 3, 6 or 12 month cheese subscriptions to Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

Their cheese only subscription gives you the option of:

  • 2 cheeses $75
  • 4 cheeses $105


Each delivery includes up to 150g-200g portions of each variety of artisan cheese, crackers and tasting notes.

Milk the Cow - Cheese and Booze subscription

They also have Cheese and booze subscriptions:

🍺$90 for beer and cheese, 

🍷$115 for white, red or sparkling wine with cheese

🧀$175 for whiskey and cheese


Each delivery includes up to 150g-200g portions of two varieties of artisan cheese and crackers, paired to a full bottle of your selected beverage each month, and their cheesemonger’s tasting notes.



Available to cheese lovers in cities on Australia’s East Coast and South Australia, Epicure’s cheese subscriptions invite you to enjoy a carefully curated monthly trio of top shelf cheeses from Australia and around the world. Cheeses are delivered directly to your door along with premium accompaniments, tasting notes and winning wine recommendations.

For $90 per month including express, chilled shipping to anywhere on the East Coast, Epicure gives you two taste options to choose from:

  • Mild + Mellow Trio if you are a beginner, an entertainer wanting to please a crowd, or just generally prefer gentle flavours. Your selection will be delicious but never overwhelming. This will include the likes of creamy bries and crumbly four year old cheddars, but nothing like blue cheese, goat’s milk or anything too wild.


  • Strong + Smelly Trio is perfect for seasoned cheese lovers who prefer gutsy flavours and love trying new things. This trio will typically include a soft, hard and blue cheese from a cross-section of cow, goat and ewe’s milk. It will still include some crowd favourites, but this selection gives us the license to push you a little further. 


You can choose from a one-off box, or regular monthly or quarterly deliveries. You can also opt in and out as you please.





Cornelius Cheese Club is a Melbourne based option with pick up from the Cheese Cave in Brunswick an option for those living nearby.  Their subscriptions are for a minimum of 12 months. 

Cheese subscription - Cornelius - Cheese Lover's Day


For 12 months, you will receive at least 150 g of cheese, plus condiment to match and a tasting note including suggested wine match. Delivery is included. Pick is from the Cheese Cave in Brunswick, Victoria. 



For 12 months, you will receive at least 150 g of cheese, plus condiment and booze (either beer, wine, spirit or mixed cocktail) to match! Delivery is included. Pick is from the Cheese Cave in Brunswick, Victoria. 



If one cheese is simply not enough, choose their Cheese Club – Three Cheese, where you will receive at least 450 g of cheese, plus condiment and tasting note including suggested wine match. Delivery is included. Pick up is from the Cheese Cave in Brunswick, Victoria. 



Cheese Club – Three Cheese + Booze, where you will receive at least 450 g of cheese, plus condiment and booze to match (either beer, wine, spirit or mixed cocktail) ! Delivery is included. 

Pick up is from the Cheese Cave in Brunswick, Victoria. 


Note that you are committing to a minimum 12 month subscription. 


Harper & Blohm 

Another Melbourne based cheese-service, delivery from Harper & Blohm is only within Melbourne and some Victorian regions. 

Harper & Blohm

Harper & Blohm’s monthly Cheese Subscription Box comes in two different sizes depending on how much cheese you’d like. 

  • Regular: 2 – 3 cheese eaters – $95 per month * (includes delivery to Melbourne metro)
  • Large: 3 – 4 cheese eaters – $110 per month* (includes delivery to Melbourne metro)


The Price includes delivery via a HACCP certified refrigerated courier service

Use code SUBSCRIBE in the coupon code box at checkout to activate Free Delivery.

* Add $5 for regional delivery


Each Harper & Blohm cheese subscription box contains:

  • 🧀 2 – 3 or 3 – 4 pieces of cheese (depending on whether you select regular or large) selected by their cheesemongers, cut to order and wrapped in cheese paper.
  • 🧀Approximately 650g (large box) & 500g (regular box) in total cheesy weight
  • 🧀A variety of soft, hard & blue styles
  • 🧀Cheeses made from cows, goats, sheep and/or buffalo milk
  • 🧀 Cheese notes

1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months subscriptions are available.


14 days of cheese 

Whilst not technically a cheese subscription, cheese lovers will still delight at the cheese collections available for purchase from Melbourne based 14 days of cheese. Take a look at the international range here: 

14 days of cheese (yes we’re a bit confused by the URL too), is currently only available for delivery within Melbourne but will be moving to national delivery soon. Sign up to their newsletter to be kept abreast of developments.


Shipping is a flat $15 to cover the cost to send out their cheese pack. 




The Artisan Cheese Room 

This Sydney based cheese shop offers cheese boxes to pick up from the cheese room. Alternatively, if you live nearby, The Artisan Cheese Room offers free delivery to Manly or the surrounds for $8 per month.

Each box will contain:

🧀A beautiful selection of perfectly ripe cheeses

🧀Matching biscuits

🧀Tasting notes


Subscriptions are flexible with varying durations to choose from, such as 1 month for $90, 3 months for $260, 6 months for $530 or 12 months for $1000. You can also put your subscription on hold for a month or two if you need to.


The Stinking Bishops

The Stinking Bishops offer hampers, which include:


  • 3 kinds of cheese
  • 1 Type of meat or 1 type of preserved Veg (the January box includes Ortiz Sardines Cantabrian Coast as the meat or House marinated olives as the preserved veg) 
  • 3 other carefully selected yummy products (the January box includes Fig & Walnut Rolada and Santa Teresa Quince Paste).

Stinking Bishops

Delivery is available within a 20km radius of The Stinking Bishops. There is a $15 delivery flat rate if you order one box. If you order 3 or 6 months the delivery is free. NB: There is only one day per month on which the hampers can be delivered or picked up. 


One month: $90/month or $120 with wine + $15 delivery


Cheese celebration

Cheese Celebration offers 1, 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions to Sydney-sider and regional NSW cheese lovers.

Cheese Celebration

The one month subscription includes:

🧀4 x Amazing cheeses approximately 500g to 600g of cheese + accompaniment 

🧀Detailed Cheese Tasting Note

🧀Premium Gift Box + Hand-written Card

🧀Flexible Gifting Option

🧀Sydney Metro Delivery $9.50


The 3 and 6 month subscriptions cost $94 and $92 per month when pre-paid in full. These include the same as the one month subscription but also: 

🧀Gift Surprises (1 for the 3 month and 2 for the 6 month)

🧀Sydney Metro Free Delivery


The 12 month subscription costs $90 per month (when prepaid) and gives you the above plus:

🧀Exclusive 10% discount store wide

🧀4 x Gift Surprises

🧀First to know about seasonal sales


Which cheeses are you eating for Cheese Lovers Day? Do you prefer hard or soft cheeses? Stinky or blue cheeses? Are you a member of a cheese club?



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Cheese subscriptions

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