It’s World Chocolate Day 2022

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To celebrate World Chocolate Day 2022, we highlight some offers from chocolate makers around Australia.

World Chocolate Day 2022

Anvers Confectionery, Latrobe, TASMANIA

Igor Van Gerwen, Chocolatier & Managing Director chats World Chocolate Day 2022 to us. Latrobe in Tasmania has today announced the program for its the program for Chocolate Winterfest, Latrobe this August. Anvers will host a Maya Cacao Dinner Experience at the House of Anvers on 11 August and chocolate high teas throughout the festival.


What makes your chocolate special? 

What makes our chocolate special is my Belgian learned skills in the making of fine couverture chocolate products using, personally sourced, rare cacao varieties and local ingredients.

Fortunato no 4 World Chocolate Day 2022Which product would you recommend for World Chocolate Day 2022 and why? 

I would recommend the Fortunato No4 as it is a fantastically complex and balanced chocolate made from the Peruvian Nacionale: the most sought after cacao bean.


Choc et Moi, Sydney and online

Hélène Goethals from Choc et Moi talks World Chocolate Day 2022.

Do you have a special offer/product for World Chocolate Day? If yes, what is it?
Chocolate workshop for children (5+) at 1pm with tasting, tempering chocolate on marble and making chocolate lollipops.

How can people access this offer/ product?
Via my website: or by phone 0490 800 064.

La journée mondiale du chocolat 2022

What makes your chocolate special? 

Belgian fair trade and quality chocolate. All products are handmade here in Brookvale
Which product would you recommend for World Chocolate Day and why? 
A hot chocolate to be enjoyed on the spot with a selection of chocolates.




Monsieur Truffe, Melbourne and online

Samanta Bakker from Monsieur Truffe let us know about their special products for World Chocolate Day 2022.


Monsieur Truffe - la journée mondiale du chocolat 2022

How can people access this offer/ product?

Online or through some of our stockists 


What makes your chocolate special? 

We spend a lot of time sourcing the best ingredients. I think that our quality speaks for ourselves. We are very generous with our inclusions. Every product is handmade with a lot of care and love. There is a lot of thought about making the most delicious experience in every bite of our chocolate.


World Chocolate Day 2022



Which product would you recommend for World Chocolate Day 2022 and why? 

I would recommend all our products, there is something for everyone taste; we make everything with a lot of care and love and we are very proud of all our products .




What’s your favourite chocolate? What will you indulge in for World Chocolate Day 2022?



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