5 champagne events to attend at Good Food and Wine Sydney this weekend

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Good Food and Wine Sydney is on this weekend from Friday 21 to Sunday 23 June.

We have found 17 events with a French theme that we think you should attend! We will let you know about them in separate articles this week on the subjects of champagne, wine, cheese and cooking skills. First up, champagne events.


Bubblicious Brunch (Fri, Sat (Sold out), Sun)

Start your day in the most bubblicious way at Bubblicious Brunch.

Learn the difference between Prosecco, Sparkling and Champagne as you taste a line-up of effervescent beauties. Served with a selection of not-quite-breakfast, not-quite-lunch goodies.


Let’s get fizzical (Fri, Sat and Sun)

Taste a range of sparkling wines in this free wine tasting masterclass at the Riedel Drinks Lab at Good Food and Wine Sydney this weekend.


Journey into the world of champagne (Fri, Sat and Sun)

Ever wondered how each Champagne differs from the next?

Emperor will take you on a fascinating journey into the effervescent and wonderful world of Champagne.


Champagne and caviar (Fri and Sat)

Indulge your senses in this decadent class and discover how these beauties, Champagne and Caviar, go hand in hand.

Emperor present to you the history, stories and etiquette behind France’s most delicious export paired with incredible caviar. Sip and taste France’s finest through this luxurious masterclass.


Behind the bubble (Fri, Sat and Sun)

Want to go beyond the taste and look of sparkling? Join Emperor as they demystify the sparkling world.

Understand the bubbles industry they pull back the curtain on the lesser-known aspects and provides the answers everyone wants to know. From how it’s made, to the vines on which the grapes are grown, we’ll take you ‘Behind the Bubble’ to uncover the science and mystery of sparkling wine.


What events are you going to at Good Food and Wine Sydney this weekend?

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