Mardi Gras Film Festival 2024 brings a variety of French language films to Sydney screens

Mardi Gras Film Festival 2024
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Mardi Gras Film Festival 2024 is in cinemas in Sydney from 15 to 29 February 2024. In the program are several French-language films from Belgium, Canada and France. From post World War II France to the heady Montreal drag scene, these films will take you on a voyage. Discover the French language films screening at Mardi Gras Film Festival 2024 below.

Mardi Gras Film Festival 2024

Along Came Love (Le temps d’aimer)


Sydney Premiere

Over decades, a couple hides each other’s secrets in homophobic post-WW2 France.

In post-World War II France, Madeleine, a single mother working as a waitress, crosses paths with Francois, a writer. Their whirlwind romance leads to a hasty marriage fuelled by Madeleine’s longing for a traditional family. However, beneath the façade of their relationship lie hidden desires and secrets. As their bond is tested by societal expectations and personal revelations, they find solace and salvation in each other’s embrace. Through lush cinematography, this poignant film explores the resilience of love amidst the rigid constructs of society, illuminating the profound connection between two souls navigating the complexities of longing and societal norms.

Content warning: contains suicide themes.


Days of Happiness (Les jours heureux)


Australian Premiere

Emma, a rising star in the Montreal classical music scene, grapples with a daunting decision: sacrificing her aspirations for family and love in this emotionally charged drama.


Under the watchful eye of her domineering father, Patrick, Emma navigates a blossoming romance with Naelle, a talented cellist and single mother. Trapped in a dilemma between her career, her love life, and familial expectations, Emma must confront her inner turmoil and make a defining choice: conform to societal norms or forge her own path.


Premiering to critical acclaim at the Toronto International Film Festival, this compelling narrative, adorned with captivating classical performances, distinguishes itself as a unique portrayal of a lesbian conductor’s journey towards self-discovery, inviting inevitable comparisons while carving its own distinct narrative trajectory.

Content warning: contains emotional abuse themes.




Sydney Premiere

Winner of Best Canadian Feature at TIFF, Solo is a vibrant and stylish film that immerses viewers in the pulsating heart of Montreal’s drag scene.


Simon, portrayed by Théodore Pellerin, emerges as a rising star in the drag world of Montreal. His encounter with Olivier, played by Felix Maritaud (known for “Sauvage” at MGFF19), sparks instant attraction, leading to a passionate yet ultimately toxic relationship. As Simon becomes increasingly entangled in this destructive romance, he grapples with a parallel struggle: reconnecting with his long-absent mother, who has recently returned to Canada after 15 years.


Amidst the complexities of love and familial ties, Simon is forced to confront profound questions about his own worth and desires. Will his relationships with Olivier and his mother provide the love and acceptance he yearns for, or will Simon come to the realization that he deserves more than the toxic dynamics that ensnare him?

Content warning: contains domestic abuse and emotional abuse themes.




Australian Premiere

In this provocative and seductive series, a stuntwoman finds herself irresistibly drawn to the mysterious lead actress she’s doubling for on a film set.


Anna, the stuntwoman, is captivated by the magnetic presence of Eve, a renowned actress, and their initial encounters lead to an awakening of desires long suppressed. What begins as fleeting glances soon evolves into a tumultuous and passionate love affair, challenging Anna to confront parts of herself she had kept hidden.


Directed by a French feminist author and boasting an 80% female crew, “Split” delves into the complexities of the queer female gaze and its transformative potential. Across its five episodes, the series boldly explores themes of power, trauma, and identity through a distinctly feminist lens, offering a daring and innovative narrative journey.

Content warning: contains discussions of sexual assault.


The Lost Boys


Sydney Premiere

In Zeno Graton’s emotionally charged feature debut, a poignant romance unfolds between two teenage boys within the confines of a prison, where physical intimacy is forbidden.


As 17-year-old Joe nears the end of his sentence in juvenile detention, his world is upended by the arrival of William. Despite the strict rules prohibiting physical contact, Joe and William forge a deep connection filled with passion and affection, providing solace in an otherwise bleak environment. Their budding relationship forces Joe to confront his desires and reconsider the notion of freedom.


Khalil Gharbia and Julien de Saint Jean deliver captivating performances as the young protagonists, navigating the complexities of love and longing in a setting designed to keep them apart. Graton’s debut film masterfully explores themes of desire, identity, and resilience amidst adversity, offering a poignant portrayal of love blossoming in the most unlikely of places.


Which of these films do you want to see at Mardi Gras Film Festival 2024?



WHAT: Mardi Gras Film Festival 2024

WHEN: In Cinema in Sydney 15-29 February 2024

(On Demand Australia-wide 1-11 March 2024)

WHERE: Cinemas in Sydney (and later streaming Australia-wide)

HOW: Purchase your tickets to the Sydney cinema sessions via the links above


Individual tickets

  • Adults $22
  • Concession $19

Festival Flexi Passes

There are also passes available if you’re planning to see multiple films

  • 5 Session Pass: $95 (discounted to $75 if you’re a member of Queer Screen)
  • Flexi 10: $180 (discounted to $145 if you’re a member of Queer Screen)

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