Pauline Maudy will take you on voyage in “Take me to Paris”

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Pauline Maudy, French-Australian singer from the group MZAZA is currently doing a concert tour for her show called “Take me to Paris“. The show tells the story of her migration from France to Australia through stories and songs in both English and French. Pauline Maudy speaks to us about the show and her migration experience.

Pauline Maudy - Take me to Paris




This and next month, you’re touring without your usual group MZAZA, to present a show about your migration to Australia at the age of 13. What can the public expect of these shows?

This show is a way to create a more personal connection with the audience, to share moments of music and stories in a more intimate musical setting. I hope to take us on a journey at a time when travel has been  out of reach for many people but also to explore the experience of immigration which is an experience shared by many people in Australia… for me, I sometimes feel like I’m living two parallel lives culturally speaking. “Take me to Paris” is also a chance to share compositions in English and French as well as songs I love from Piaf, Gainsbourg and jazz songs too!


How is the music that you will sing in the “Take me to Paris” concerts different to the music you play with MZAZA?

Musically “Take Me to Paris” is a very diverse show! To make it happen I chose an instrumental line-up that allows me to perform jazz, French songs, more pop songs (without being electronic), as well as one or two songs that MZAZA fans will recognize – but reinterpreted. So I invited Peta Wilson (piano), Mircha Mangiacotti (guitar), Robert Harley (double bass) to join me and Roberto Fontana (trumpet) for some of the shows. The songs are about 50% in English and 50% in French (like my life in France and Australia!)


Where did the idea for this tour come from?

I presented a version of the show in Gladstone last year and I got great feedback! It convinced me to put together a more comprehensive tour to share the show with more people. Putting together a tour at the moment is not easy! But creating moments of connection in difficult times is very important to me.


You moved from France to Australia at the age of 13. Were you happy to move or did you want to stay in France at the time?

At the age of 13, I was already addicted to travel and adventure! But adventures can have their ups and downs. You’ll have to come and see the show to find out more!


What do you miss about France the most? And what do you appreciate about Australia the most?

I miss the cheeses by the thousands! Friends, family, mountains, architecture, humour, love of art and culture.


What I love about Australia is also family, my community, the nature, the Indigenous cultures, the open spaces, the sunsets, the warm people and warm weather.


Anything else you’d like to tell us?

See you soon I hope! I’m launching a new website in a few days – if you want to keep in touch, here it is!

Pauline Maudy "Take me to Paris"

Pauline Maudy “Take me to Paris” concerts


22 October Yeppoon Town Hall

29 October Toowoomba Empire Theatre

12 November Gold Coast Home of the Arts



You can also see Pauline Maudy perform with her quartet Pauline Maudy & Friends:

23 & 24 October Rockhampton River Festivals

5 November Stradbroke (sold out)



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