Que faire en mai 2024 ? Les évènements ayant liens vers la France et la Francophonie en Australie

Que faire en mai 2024
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Que faire en mai 2024 ? Nous avons trouvé plus de 230 évènements liés à la France et à la Francophonie qui se déroulent en Australie ce mois-ci pour vous divertir.

Que faire en mai 2024

16/03 - 14/07BENDIGO, VICParis: Impressions of Life 1880-1925
23/03 - 10/06MELBOURNELaure Provost: Oui move in you
24/03 - 26/05MELBOURNECirque du Soleil: LUZIA
14/04 - 09/06SUNSHINE COASTSunshine Coast French Film Festival
17/04 - 10/05SYDNEYFantastic Film Festival
01/05PERTHPresentation and painting demonstration with Jean-Louis Diaz
01/05SYDNEYBabies Love Books in French - Les Bébés Aiment Les Livres
01/05 - 05/05CANBERRACanberra International Music Festival
01/05 - 05/05MELBOURNEThe Grinning Man
01/05 - 05/05SYDNEYLimbo The Return
01/05 - 04/05SYDNEY8 Femmes
02/05ADELAIDESA History Festival - French influencs on wining & dining culture
02/05ADELAIDEPathways to Paris Exploring the science behind paralympic athlete support
02/05BRISBANEKids cooking workshop
02/05CANBERRALe van du livre
02/05MELBOURNESt Kilda Playgroup - French Playgroup (Room 1)
02/05SYDNEYLethbridge Sparkling Tasting with Ray Nadeson (Winemaker)
02/05SYDNEYTHURSDAY LIVE: A trip to France! French food, happy hour and live music
02/05SYDNEYMums' café connect: En français
03/05ADELAIDEWhipped caramel mousse praline with Remco Brigou from Koko Black
03/05ADELAIDEBeauty & The Beast
03/05BELLINGEN, NSWLéon: The Professional
03/05BELLINGEN, NSWThe Man in the Hat
03/05CANBERRALe van du livre
03/05DARWINAF Darwin - Board Game Night
03/05MELBOURNECheese and wine matching
03/05PERTHArt Exhibition "Coup d'oeil - Corsica and Provence" OPENING
03/05 -12/05ADELAIDETasting Australia
03/05 - 31/05PERTHArt Exhibition "Coup d'oeil - Corsica and Provence"
04/05ADELAIDEFlash Grenache
04/05ADELAIDEMasterclass - How to wine- Weekend 1
04/05ADELAIDEMasterclass - Tasting the stars: Champagne
04/05ADELAIDETasting Table - Farmhouse Ales
04/05ADELAIDEMasterclass - Beers from here, beers from afar
04/05ADELAIDESofitel Adelaide's 2024 Tastng Australia High Tea
04/05ADELAIDEChocolate Hazelnut Cake with Remco Brigou from Koko Black
03/05ADELAIDEBeauty & The Beast
04/05BALLINA, NSWFrench Scrabble
04/05BRISBANEStarr Fine Art Atelier - Mother's Day Soirée
04/05CANBERRALe van du livre
04/05CANBERRAVegan Croissant Baking Class
04/05GEELONGFrench Film: On The Wandering Paths
04/05HOBARTAnatomy of a Fall
04/05SYDNEYCabaret La Belle Rose Dinner & Show
05/05ADELAIDEMasterclass - Rosé coloured glasses
05/05ADELAIDEThe Cheese and Libations of Western France
05/05ADELAIDEThe Playford Boutique Fine Wine High Tea
05/05ADELAIDESofitel Adelaide's 2024 Tastng Australia High Tea
05/05ADELAIDEChardonnay May à la française
05/05BELLINGEN, NSWThe Big Blue
05/05GEELONGFrench Film: On The Wandering Paths
05/05MEENIYAN, VICFrench Connection - a recital by Trio Anima Mundi
05/05SYDNEYLe van du livre
05/05SYDNEYLe Marché - French Market
05/05SYDNEYKoala Bliss - Mindful Kids - In French
05/05 - 12/05MELBOURNEMelbourne International Animation Festival
06/05GEELONGFrench Film: On The Wandering Paths
06/05PERTHChanging conceptions of the Indian Ocean revealed through maps
06/05PERTHFilm en français : Three days and a Life (Trois jours et une vie)
07/05ADELAIDEGrenaissance: Grenache masterclass
07/05ADELAIDEThe World Series of Wine
07/05BRISBANEFACCI QLD | Can hydrogen/SAF help reduce scope 3 emissions
07/05PORT MACQUARIE, NSWFrench Scrabble
07/05 - 11/05SYDNEY8 Femmes
08/05ADELAIDEDining Galeries -Taste of Two Gardens
18/05BALLINA, NSWAF meetup - Anatomy of a fall and chat
08/05BRISBANEQuizz Folie
08/05MELBOURNEClimate Fresk workshop
08/05SYDNEYFACCI NSW | Accelerating Net Zero Transition for Busineses
08/05 - 12/05MELBOURNEThe Grinning Man
09/05ADELAIDEAdelaide Hills Chardonnay Heroes
09/05ADELAIDESA We are a little Français - French Beverages Talk & Tasting
09/05ADELAIDEFACCI SA | C-Suite Luncheon with EGIS
09/05ADELAIDESignature Champagne Dinner
09/05BRISBANEChampagne & Caviar Evening
09/05BRISBANEFACCI QLD | Tchin Tchin Networking evening with IGABA and AHK Australien: Europe Day
09/05CANBERRABook Launch - Colonial law making: Cambodia under the French
09/05DARWINFrench Film Festival
09/05MELBOURNESt Kilda Playgroup - French Playgroup (Room 1)
09/05SYDNEYFilm evening: Rules of the Game (La règle du jeu)
09/05SYDNEYPhilo Bistro: An Evening with Catherine Rey and Olivier Vojetta
10/05ADELAIDEAdelaide Hills Chardonnay Heroes
10/05ADELAIDETasting Table - Hedonism
10/05ADELAIDEFrench Wine Trail #3 La Loire
10/05BRISBANEThe Bubbles Festival
10/05CAIRNSFrench Film Festival
10/05DARWINFrench Film Festival
10/05EMERALD BEACH, NSWDouble Cream Brie
10/05MEENIYANDjaaliny French Film Night: La vie en rose
10/05MELBOURNEParis - French Film Screening
10/05-12/05ADELAIDERaclette Igloo
10/05 -19/05MELBOURNEBelgian Express Railpass
11/05ADELAIDEFlavour Centre Stage - A dinner in Five Acts
11/05ADELAIDEPioneering Pinot
11/05ADELAIDEA-Z of Wine - The Grape A-Bet
11/05ADELAIDEMasterclass - How to wine- Weekend 2
11/05ADELAIDEMasterclass - A chance to celebrate
11/05ADELAIDESA See(a)food Through the Lens of Brittany
11/05ADELAIDEDining Galeries - Bougie Brasserie
11/05ADELAIDEFrench Macaron Class
11/05BRISBANEThe Bubbles Festival
11/05CAIRNSFrench Film Festival
11/05CANBERRAVegan Croissant Baking Class
11/05DARWINFrench Film Festival
11/05MELBOURNECharcuterie and wine matching
11/05MELBOURNEChansons D'amour - A night of French jazz love songs
11/05PERTHSparkling and Champagne Wine Tasting Class
11/05PERTHCafé Scientifique | Darkness: discover the eerie atmosphere and dark themes of Gothic aesthetic .
11/05SYDNEYCabaret La Belle Rose Dinner & Show
11/05SYDNEYÀ l’avant-garde de la pédagogie: La franco-australienne Augustine Soubeiran
12/05EVERYWHEREMother's Day
12/05PARTOUTLa fête des mères
12/05ADELAIDEMasterclass - From Shiraz to Syrah
12/05ADELAIDEDining Galleries - Sunday Best
12/05ADELAIDEMasterclass - Chardonnay Academy
12/05BRISBANEMother's Day High Tea with Veuve Clicquot
12/05BRISBANEMother's Day High Tea with Queensland Ballet
12/05CAIRNSFrench Film Festival
12/05GOLD COASTFrench Film Night
12/05MELBOURNEAfternoon in Paris with Mum - High tea with bottomless bubbles
12/05MELBOURNECharcuterie and wine matching
12/05MELBOURNEMumm, Me & High Tea
12/05SYDNEYLe Marché Willougby
13/05PERTHBook Club
14/05ADELAIDEFACCI SA | 125th Anniversary Cocktail Dinatoire
14/05HOBARTAt the King's Pleasure
14/05MELBOURNEThis time of light
14/05SYDNEYBordeaux Trade Tastng
14/05SYDNEYBordeau BYO
15/05ADELAIDESymphonie of the Bicycle
15/05RAVENSTHORPE, WAFrench Cooking Class
15/05 -19/05ADELAIDERaclette Igloo
15/05 - 19/05MELBOURNEThe Grinning Man
16/05ADELAIDESA We are a little Français - The Battle of Dernancourt
16/05ADELAIDESymphonie of the Bicycle
16/05BRISBANEWine masterclass
16/05MELBOURNEPiaf! The Show / Piaf ! Le spectacle
16/05MELBOURNEThe Melbourne Salon - French restaurants and wine saloons in early Melbourne
16/05MELBOURNEBelgian Express Railpass 3 course dinner
16/05MELBOURNESt Kilda Playgroup - French Playgroup (Room 1)
16/05SYDNEYFACCI FED - Hybrid | 2024 Federal AGM & Networking Evening
17/05ADELAIDEBOUM - Songs and Stories of Charles Trenet
17/05ADELAIDEParis Olympics Afterwork
17/05MELBOURNEPiaf! The Show / Piaf ! Le spectacle
18/05ADELAIDEThe Bubbles Festival
18/05ADELAIDEBOUM - Songs and Stories of Charles Trenet
18/05ADELAIDESymphonie of the Bicycle
18/05BALLINA, NSWFrench Scrabble
18/05MELBOURNEPiaf! The Show / Piaf ! Le spectacle
18/05LAKE MACQUARIE, NSWPerfect Backdrop - Exploring Settings in Fiction
18/05MELBOURNECheese and wine matching
18/05ORANGE, NSWPerfume making workshop with Scentsmith Ainslie Walker
18/05SYDNEYPeanut Butter Belgian Milk Chocolate Macaron Class
18/05SYDNEYFANS Raclette night dinner & dancing
18/05SYDNEYCabaret La Belle Rose Dinner & Show
18/05TOWNSVILLE, QLDLet's travel to New Caledonia
18/05TRALAGON, VICThe Music That Made Us (Traralgon)| Oboe and Piano Recital
19/05CLUNES, VICParis After Dark
19/05MINTARO, SAFrench Crêpe making brunch paired with Clare Valley Bubbles
19/05SYDNEYLa Belle Vie French Market
21/05ADELAIDETrinquons en français
21/05BRISBANETaittinger Toasts: A Very French Affair
21/05BRISBANEBurgundy's Finest: Bouchard Père & Fils Wine Dinner
21/05BRISBANETaittinger Toasts - A Very French Affair
21/05MELBOURNEBordeaux Trade Tastng
22/05ADELAIDESymphonie of the Bicycle
22/05WODONGA, VICLTSA Wodonga - Pinot and Picasso Night
22/05 - 26/05ADELAIDERaclette Igloo
22/05 -26/05SYDNEYLimbo The Return
23/05ADELAIDESymphonie of the Bicycle
23/05ADELAIDEBook Club - "Tension extrême" Sylvain Forge
23/05AVOCA BEACH, CENTRAL COAST, NSWNoria Letts sings Edith Piaf
23/05MELBOURNESt Kilda Playgroup - French Playgroup (Room 1)
23/05MELBOURNEFACCI VIC | European Union and Victoria collaboration exclusive gathering
23/05MELBOURNEThe Exquisite Hour
23/05MERIMBULA, NSWFrench film night and dinner
23/05SYDNEYPiaf! The Show / Piaf ! Le spectacle
24/05ADELAIDESymphonie of the Bicycle
24/05BRISBANELe Book Club: "La promesse de l'aube" Romain Gary
24/05BRISBANEMOULD A Cheese Festival
24/05MELBOURNESounds of Medieval France, Italy & England
24/05SYDNEYThe Bubbles Festival
24/05SYDNEYNoria & The Parisians
24/05 -15/06SYDNEYVivid Sydney
25/05ADELAIDEPiaf! The Show / Piaf ! Le spectacle
25/05ADELAIDESymphonie of the Bicycle
25/05BRISBANEMOULD A Cheese Festival
25/05CANBERRAVegan Croissant Baking Class in FRENCH
25/05MELBOURNEEnd of semester concert: Baroque ensemble
25/05MELBOURNEFrom Dreamtime to Durufle: A concert of Australian and French Music
25/05MELBOURNECheese and wine matching
25/05PERTHStarlight Symphony: The World of Vincent Van Gogh
25/05SYDNEYCabaret La Belle Rose Dinner & Show
25/05SYDNEYThe Bubbles Festival
25/05SYDNEYAir pay Moon Safari live
26/05BRISBANEMOULD A Cheese Festival
26/05PERTHCooking Demo: How to make a vegan Apple Tarte Tatin
26/05SYDNEYLe Marché Willougby
26/05SYDNEYAir pay Moon Safari live
26/05WAGGA WAGGA, NSWMother’s Day Special Event: French Beauty and Bubbles
27/05MELBOURNEFrench Storytime
28/05ADELAIDEBook Launch with John West-Sooby
28/05SYDNEYThe Charles x Sally Abé | Vivid Chef Series
29/05ADELAIDEFACCI SA | C-Suite Luncheon, Data Security in Transport & Infrastructure with LK
29/05MELBOURNEFACCI VIC | C_Level Luncheon on First Nation Engagement
29/05SYDNEYThe Charles x Sally Abé | Vivid Chef Series
29/05 -31/05SYDNEYLimbo The Return
30/05ADELAIDEBach - Partitas, French Suite: Telemann - Fantasia 1 & 4
30/05GOLD COASTPiaf! The Show / Piaf ! Le spectacle
30/05HELENSBURGH, NSWMovie Screening: A Parisian Afternoon
30/05MELBOURNEJardin des Idées (Garden of Ideas) with Technical Philosopher Issiah B Burckhardt
30/05MELBOURNESt Kilda Playgroup - French Playgroup (Room 1)
30/05MELBOURNEOSA's 2024 Art Song Competition Final - FRENCH ART SONG
30/05MILTON, NSWMovie-dinner night
30/05PERTHCaviar Masterclass
30/05SYDNEYThe Charles x Sally Abé | Vivid Chef Series
30/05SYDNEYGuillaume Brahim | Our Shared Humanity
30/05ULVERSTONE, TASAuthor event: VC Peisker
31/05BRISBANEPiaf! The Show / Piaf ! Le spectacle
31/05MELBOURNELa Mauvaise Réputation
31/05 - 02/06SYDNEYBon Fromage

Quelles sont vos activités pour le mois de mai ?


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